Home Modification
Our specialists can help to design living spaces that have solutions for those who may have accessibility issues.

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New Housing Options
Imagine a home built with rounded truss that allows for a stronger structure being built at a more economic cost.

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Mobile Solutions
We have designed a mobile construction unit that can be used to aid in projects.

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Local News Reports on Prescription Prices
This local news story only re-enforced a crisis that we have faced with many clients and their families. And with the current turmoil in health care and insurances, the problem seems to be growing.

We have partnered with BidRx, one of the top new online providers for prescription medications, because of their pricing and service. With this new service, we can help people get their prescriptions quickly and at guaranteed savings.
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Transitional Living Solutions
We have developed many partnerships that can provide unique environments for people to go and heal while their homes are being modified.

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Custom Tools

Discharge Form
Discharge Form

We have developed kiosks to help facilitate education and connection with goods and services to people in their community.

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