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It is hard to see our parents and grandparents aging. Many of us are facing the tough decisions of how to plan for the ones who spent their whole lives caring for us. Some of us are experiencing the torment of helplessly watching a loved one deteriorate in a nursing home environment. Out of experiencing this same desperation came the inspiration for the iCARE plan.

Andrew, founder of the iCARE plan, is no stranger to the pain of watching a loved one slip away. Out of the ashes of losing his grandmother and witnessing the devastating effects it had on his mother and family, came the drive to present more options to those facing the same decisions. He began asking these questions:

"What if we could utilize existing, but possibly unidentified resources within our communities to keep our seniors and those with disabilities in their own homes with expert care?"

"Are there tools and resources we can provide for those who want to care for their elderly
parents, grandparents or loved ones with special needs?

"What can we do to enhance the lives of those caring for loved ones with
special needs?"

"What can we do to restore quality and length of life?"

"Is there a way to care for family members without depleting the financial inheritances set aside
for their children and grandchildren?"

"Are we not able to see the resources that are right in front of us?"
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